Code Periwinkle

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What is this?

The idea of #CodePeriwinkle is a satirical audio sketch comedy for medicine created by... you, at least that's the goal ;) Think of it like John Oliver (or the Colbert Report) + SNL + Grey's Anatomy. But in a podcast.


Because we believe creativity is at least a 2nd line treatment for burn out, and we're a podcasting company founded by doctors. Why wouldn't we offer an avenue for creative expression to colleagues who don't have the time to make their own podcast?

How does it work?

We write stuff. You write stuff. We create material as a community, then we'll turn it into a podcast episode. Just email or tag us, or use #CodePeriwinkle to get our attention. We'll give you credit on the show.

What material are you looking for?

Anything funny and medical: social media accounts, memes, absurd news, scripts or ideas for sketches, fake #USMLE Q's or ads. Hell, we'll even take knock-knock jokes. None of us has time to make this show....but all of us might ;)

What topics are your shows about?

The absurdities of modern health care, especially within the profession of medicine and medical education (shout out to the med students). We might put specific topics in the Twitter bio, so check that periodically.

Will I get paid for my contribution?

Our CEO doesn't even get paid, so probably not. We'll give you credit of course. If we do achieve the ability to compensate contributors, sorry attendings, but you'll be last on the list after we figure out how to pay medical students.

What's the best next step in the management of this podcast?

Contact us if you want to be a writer, "voice actor", design art, sing a song parody, be an "idea person", host episodes, run our social media etc. What this show looks like is up to all who help create it.

8. How do I find my inspiration?

@GomerBlog articles are a good starting place. @ZDoggMD's @DocVaderMD & @LGlaucomflecken are funny. Her husband @DGlaucomflecken is mildly to moderately funny as well.

Proposed Format

Multiple Episode Types Possible

  • Full Feature: Central, topical segment surrounded by and including shorter segments (ads, recurrent segments).
  • Primary Commentary or Interview Episodes a la Colbert Report’s half-serious interviews.
  • Shorter episodes of “fake news” or other “information content” using, for instance, Gomerblog articles.

Content Examples

Fake Medical Product Ads/Commercials:
Spinal Tap Microbrews: From the makers of “PseudoCaesar salad dressing” comes the most delicious and refreshing drink to hit the physicians lounge since Chronic Lime Margarita Mix.... introducing... the new line of CSF-inspired microbrews... Spinal Tap. So when you’re thirsting for anything from intern, “traumatic tap red berry” to “grape Champagne tap” reach for a cold glass of Spinal Tap. Warning: Women who are pregnant or nursing should curbside an obstetrician before consuming spinal tab beverages. Spinal tap is not liable for any dizziness upon standing or loss of sensation below S1 that may occur. Please Drink responsibly. From the makers of BuddChiari and BuddChiari light beer.”

Recurring Characters

  • Time Traveling Joseph Lister
  • Han Solo practitioner
  • The Out of Touch Hospital Administrator
  • The Radiologist who calls in and is constantly interrupted by background noises related to working at home and having such an opulent lifestyle.

Recurring Segments

  • Fake USMLE / board questions
  • Fake med school/residency/job interviews


From the creative minds at Ars Longa Media, this show is meant to bring people together to create an audio comedy show.

Get involved

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If you think this sounds like a cool project and something you would like to work on, get in touch and we'll find a way to work together.

Even if you're not interested in contributing, getting the word out is equally helpful.